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How to create an independent court if there has never been one before? How to reform a legal system if it has been illegal all along?

The issue of fair justice and an independent court is a stumbling block in any discussion on the future political structure of the Russian Federation territory. How to create an independent court if there has never been one before? How to reform a legal system that has been illegal all along? What to do with the entire current judicial system? Not to mention all the talk about the necessity/impossibility of the massive lustration of the current judges, officials, politicians and propagandists. And all of these debates somehow come down to “sending to the gallows”, NKVD-style “troikas” and various wrongful executions.

Nevertheless, we are not the first or the last to require the implementation of a transitional justice institution to evaluate crimes committed by people forcibly seizing and holding power in a given country. And we have a solution based on international law principles that would lay the groundwork for a future stable and independent judicial system applicable to the entire territory of the Russian Federation, regardless to the results of the self-determination of the peoples living there.

Accepting the jurisdiction of the Council of Europe and implementing the European Convention on Human Rights, as one of the fundamental and integral points of the Civic Council program, the Civic Council proclaims the need to convene an independent Civil Tribunal that will incorporate independent lawyers, human rights advocates and experts in international law and transitional justice issues.

The Civil Tribunal shall be an independent institution with an independent financing system and institutionally linked to international institutions. As we can see, for an effective result and securing its independence, to ensure justice under the pressure of the authorities of the Russian Federation, the Civil Tribunal shall be associated with the International Court of Justice in the Hague (ICJ) and the International Centre for the Prosecution of Crimes Aggression against Ukraine (ICPA), created in March 2023.

We are currently in the process of implementing a platform to bring together professionals who share our views and values and are eager to work on creating a justice system in the future of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, we are already investigating crimes committed and being committed nowadays on the territory of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin and his accomplices. We conduct our investigations both independently and in cooperation with our Ukrainian partners.

We are publishing the results of our investigations in the public domain and are planning to transfer them to the ICPA. If you want to help our investigators, please share with us any important information on the cases we are investigating or support us financially.

Civic Council

We are the citizens of Russia fighting against the Putin regime for a better future of our motherland. We will ensure security, prosperity, justice and freedom for everyone! Our program: Civil Guard, Civil Tribunal, Decentralization, Restitution.

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