Civic Council

The Siberian Battalion of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is comprised of the citizens of the Russian Federation. This is our practical support for the Ukrainians fighting against Putin’s aggression.

In April, 2023, the creation of the unit was announced by Vladislav Ammosov, a military professional and former Russian Military Intelligence Officer, one of the founders of the «Көҥүл Сахалар Түмсүүлэрэ» («Assembly of Free Sakha People»). Among the first volunteers of the Siberian Battalion there were well-known Russian activists Ildar Dadin and Alexei Makarov. The unit is being expanded to brigade size and actively reinforced with volunteers.

The Civic Council organizes the volunteer recruitment for the Siberian Battalion and provides the unit’s material support. To become a soldier of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine officially, a volunteer has to arrive to Ukraine, pass all the security checks and complete the military and medical training.

The cost per group of 25 volunteers comprises the cost of the transportation (plane tickets, accommodation between flights and transfers, transfers to Ukraine), the cost of the food and accommodation prior to their contracting and the cost of the equipment and ammunition for their military and medical training. That’s about $50,000 – 60,000 per group, of which the transportation totals $10,000 –15,000, the group food and accommodation – $10,000, and the equipment and ammunition –$30,000 – 35,000.

Therefore, we need $2,500 – 3,000 to transport and equip one volunteer.

Some volunteers buy tickets at their own expense. Part of the expenses on the equipment and ammunition, accommodation, medical insurance and food is covered by the Command and Ukrainian volunteer organizations.

In our published reports you can find the actual Civic Council’s expenditures for the recruitment, transportation and purchase of uniforms for 60 volunteers arrived into the Siberian Battalion in September-October.

The Civic Council and the volunteers of the Siberian Battalion are asking all the concerned citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries to help us form an armed resistance. The Russian citizens shall have an opportunity to fight for their freedom and motherland against the criminal Putin’s Regime.

Civic Council

We are the citizens of Russia fighting against the Putin regime for a better future of our motherland. We will ensure security, prosperity, justice and freedom for everyone! Our program: Civil Guard, Civil Tribunal, Decentralization, Restitution.

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