Civic Council

Become a Volunteer!

I support the Manifesto of the Civic Counсil, accept the terms of the Volunteer Agreement, pledge to follow the Regulations of work with Volunteers and agree to processing my personal data.
If you want to fight against Putin on the side of Ukraine in the Siberian Battalion of the Ukrainian International Legion, the first thing you need is to register an e-mail address on ProtonMail and fill our application form. We use only this mail service for our communications with volunteers. It is free to register an account there.
After that, you will receive on your Proton an e-mail from our address with the description of further steps and instructions. ATTENTION: use every time the same Proton e-mail address for communication with us – do not create multiple addresses.
All your way from the first step to your going to Ukraine will take 5 preparatory stages – with the transit itself as the 6th step. The processing time from you filling the application form and up to your transit will take from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your operating speed.
WE ARE CLOSING OUR VOLUNTEERS’ CHAT ON TELEGRAM for security reasons. The entry point for becoming a volunteer from now on is this form.
Be careful: do not message anybody writing on our behalf on Telegram or any other messenger or via third-party email address. We are recruiting volunteers ourselves – without third parties, helpers or secret allies. Message us only via our e-mail and do not be provoked!

The main tasks of the Mobilization Center

  • Recruitment and verification of volunteers, organization of visa support and logistics for volunteers and their families, organization of housing, medical care for families of volunteers, education of their children.
  • Organization of safe placement for volunteers and special force groups at training venues.
  • Volunteers’ insurance and organization of medical care in case of injury.
  • Training and providing volunteers with equipment both during training and during combat missions.
  • Organizational and logistical support for units within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, regional and national armed formations.