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Cookie Policy

1. What a cookie is and why we need them

The website of the Civic Council (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) uses cookies to improve the security and operational performance of the Site.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or device when you visit a website. They contain information about your browsing activity on that site. Cookies play a crucial role in making the internet more user-friendly and efficient and the Site operations – more stable and secure.

2. What cookies we use

We use only basic statistical cookies. These cookies are essential for the correct operation of the Site and counting of unique users. Our cookies are anonymous – they do not collect any sensitive information on you. We use the following cookies on the Site:

burst_uid – this statistical cookie of Burst Statistics is used on WordPress websites for statistical purposes, to store and track a user’s interaction locally on the Site. It is stored for 1 month.

pll_language – this statistical cookie stores your language settings on the Site. This cookie is persistent.

_ga – this statistical cookie stores and counts the number of page views of the Site for Google Analytics сайта. They are stored for 2 years.

3. Embedded content and third-parties cookies

For your convenience, some sections of the Site may contain embedded contentnamely, the YouTube videos in our news and projects. Using embedded content is the same as entering a third party website – for example, the abovementioned YouTube. These third-party services can collect data on you and use their own cookies – as if you have logged directly into such a website.

The Civic Council and the Site assume no liability for the actions of third parties and the use of cookies by third parties (YouTube, in particular) and recommend you seek and request all the additional information considering third party cookies and your personal data directly from such a third-party service.

For more information about YouTube cookies and privacy policy please visit the link: YouTube Cookie and Privacy Policies.

4. Acceptance of our Cookies Policy

By clicking “Accept” in the cookies bar of the Site, you agree to our use of cookies on the Site and to our Cookies Policy. You get to decide whether to use them or not.

5. Rejection of our Cookies Policy

You may restrict, block or delete the cookies from the Site at any time by changing the configuration of your browser. Please note that the disabling of the cookies may affect your ability to use some content of the Site.

How to delete or restrict cookies in the most popular browsers:
Google Chrome
Menu > Settings > Privacy and security. Third-party cookies > See all site data and permissions > …search for the website’s name…  > …select the desired option.
Microsoft Edge
Menu > Settings and more > Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Cookies and data stored > Manage and delete cookies and site data >…search for the website’s name…  > …select the desired option.
Mozilla Firefox
Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Data… > …search for the website’s name…  > …select the desired option.
Menu > Settings > Advanced  > Privacy and security > Site settings > Cookies and site data > …select the desired option.
Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > …search for the website’s name…  > …select the desired option.

If you have further questions about cookies, please feel free to contact us via Attention! We do not respond to e-mail addresses on Russian servers!